How To Set Goals That Stick

How To Set Goals That Stick

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When it comes to goal setting, we all set off with the very best intentions. We make a shiny list of super motivating promises and aspirations and set forth with gusto. Unfortunately, a lot of us then fall by the wayside and end up feeling disappointed and guilty and often, worse off than when we started. So, with January looming I thought I’d put together a list of how to make goals that are far more likely to last.

  1. Write it Down

It’s so easy to say things but putting pen to paper makes something that little bit more tangable. So write it down and put it somewhere you’re going to see it daily! I always write my goals on a littl piece of paper and stick it to the inside of my diary so I can never go a day wihout being reminded of them.

2. Be Specific

This is so important! It’s all well and good setting a general wishy washy goal to lose some weight or get fit but these types of concepts are often really hard for our brains to hang onto and absolutely useless when it comes to motivating us. So instead of “lose some weight”, set a target, you want to be “stronger”, how strong? Get really specific on exactly what you want to achieve and it will make it so much easier to work towards.

3. Make it Measurable

Following on from point 2, going after something measurable is so much clearer and easier than a vague notion. I think we can all convince oursleves than we may have achieved a goal when in actual fact we’re nowhere near it. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re fitter than you were 6 months ago but are you actually measuring the weights you’re using, the distance you’re running, the clothes you’re wearing etc. But make something measurable and all of a sudden there’s no second guessing. Can you run an extra 1km or lift an extra kilo? You get where I’m going with it, make it something you can properly assess and check back regularly.

4. Be Realistic

I think this is people’s main downfall. We all have a tendency to come out of the gate swinging, setting mad targets and putting way too much pressure on ourselves to achieve the impossible. Let’s face it, you probably won’t run a marathon in your first 6 months of running. So save yourself the disappointment and set realistic goals that you won’t give up on. The only kind of progress that’s going to last will be slow and steady so play the long game and don’t be too ahrd on yourself.

5. Be Time Sensitive

Don’t just say you’ll achieve something at some vague distant point. Set yourself a little time goal to keep you focused and disciplined. I always give myself 6 months or a year for the really big goals but I review monthly to see what’s working and what’s not. So when you write your initial list, pop it in the diary to review in a month’s time. Nothing like a bit of time pressure to keep us motivated.

That’s pretty much it, so get brain storming and if you’ve any suggestions of your own I’d love to hear from you. As always, thanks for reading and Happy New Year 🙂

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