How to Stay on Track This Christmas Season

How to Stay on Track This Christmas Season

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Silly season is well and truly upon us and with it comes all kinds of opportunities to drink, eat and be merry. For the most part I think we can all agree that this is simply fabulous! But sometimes this time of year can leave us feeling over-whelmed, anxious and full of negative thoughts and behaviours. So, to help you keep your Christmas season on track and make sure you don’t completely lose the run of yourself, I’ve composed some of my favourite tips and tricks to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Be Realistic

It’s so important that you accept certain parts of the festivities and don’t be unrealistic with your goals. There’s NO point in deciding that you’re going to train every day, eat perfect and never indulge! You’re setting yourself up for failure. So have some form of plan for your food and exercise and recognise the possible pitfalls. With gym closures and family occassions, the hardest part, for me, is always being able to fit in my training sessions. So I’ll make sure that I have plenty of at home workouts that I can whip out whenever I need to and know that some days will consist of a long walk and nothing more. So, make some realistic goals, write them down and be prepared to be flexible.

2. Make Water Your New Drinking Friend

Now more than ever, this is so important! I know I harp on about water a lot and we all know how magical it is but add a pint of water to every drink you consume over the holidays and trust me, your body (and head) will thank you. It will also help with fluid retention, digestion and energy levels.

3. Get Creative With Activities

Rather than exclude yourself from all the fun and games, why not get creative with group excursions and introduce something more active? Instead of yet another trip to the pub maybe go ice-skating, do a festive event like The Santa Dash or themed yoga, even a stroll around the Christmas Markets will be more beneficial than your average night out. There’s lots of possibilities, just think fun and movement.

4. Move As Much As Possible

This may seem fairly obvious but we all get lazy this time of year and trust me, I get it! It’s cold and dark and all a bit miserable so we hunker down, open the biscuits and vow to start fresh in January. Well no more! I’m not saying NO hunkering or NO biscuits, I’m just saying swap one episode of whatever christmas show you’re binging on and go for a stroll. Get out in the fresh air and get the blood pumping. One 30-40 minute walk can burn 300 calories (otherwise known as 6 delicious little Cadbury’s Roses 😉 ) So I think we can agree it’s well worth it. You’ll be back in the realms of comfort before you know it and I promise you’ll feel all the better for it. 

5. Make Sure There’s At Least One Good Meal

I’m not going to tell you to pass on every christmas treat or delicious feast but make sure that at least one of your meals every day is made up of nutritious whole-foods. At least that way you know you’re getting some goodness and you can enjoy your treats guilt free. If you’re super stuck for time or ideas then try a juice or smoothie.

6. Be Kind To Yourself

It’s Christmas after all so accept that it might not be perfect and enjoy the time with family and friends. It never ceases to amaze me how panicked people can get about ruining all their progress over Christmas. But just remember that it’s 1 month out of 12 so it’s not going to break the bank just be mindful and have fun! 

As always, thanks for reading. Have a very Merry Christmas and I’ll chat to you soon 🙂 

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